Pension Administration


We work with all main pension providers and can take care of all your automatic enrolment duties, to ensure you are fully compliant with The Pension Regulator’s requirements.

AE Duties

Depending on your duties start date, you will either already have a workplace pension scheme or will be in the process of setting one up. If you do not have a workplace pension scheme in place, we can guide you through the process. Once you have chosen a pension scheme for your automatic enrolment duties, there are certain things you are responsible for and we will take care of them to help you stay compliant.

Our service includes

  • Initial set up of the pension scheme within the payroll system and administration of the pension deductions in payroll.
  • On-going maintenance of employees’ personal details within the pension provider’s dashboard (subject to access and provider’s preferences).
  • Assessment of all employees every time the payroll is processed.
  • Automatic enrolment of all eligible employees into the workplace pension scheme. Non-eligible employees and entitled workers will be informed of their rights to opt-in / join.
  • Issuing all correspondence as required by The Pension Regulator.
  • On-going management of the Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs on your behalf.
  • Preparing and uploading contribution schedules to the pension provider by the required deadlines. We can either prepare a CSV file and upload it to the pension provider or set up API integration for greater automation and error elimination.
  • Dealing with pension queries.
  • Completing the declaration of compliance with the automatic enrolment duties for The Pension Regulator.
  • Carry out automatic re-enrolment. This is required on every 3rd anniversary of your automatic enrolment duties start date.

Penalties for noncompliance

As an employer, there are certain automatic enrolment legal duties you have responsibility for. If you do not comply, you may be fined by The Pension Regulator. The Pension Regulator’s approach is to educate the employers so if you do not understand your automatic enrolment duties you should get in touch with them. If you think you are late complying also contact TPR and let them know. They will work with you on agreeing on a plan to help you become compliant and we can assist you in putting this plan into action by the required deadlines.

Warning letter

If, as an employer, you have not been meeting your AE duties, TPR will first send you a warning letter.

Statutory compliance notice

Failure to act upon receiving the warning letter will result in a statutory compliance notice issued – you will be given a timeframe to comply and if you do not act – a penalty notice will be issued.

Penalty notice

A fixed penalty notice is £400, but if you still do not comply you will be issued an escalating penalty notice – with a new deadline for compliance – after which you will be fined between £50 and £10,000 per day, depending on the number of employees you have.

Employer names published

TPR regularly publishes the names of the employers who do not comply with the automatic enrolment duties and they can recover any unpaid fines via courts.