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Professional and reliable payroll bureau with personal approach and dedicated payroll expert. Thanks to low overheads we are able to offer competitive and affordable prices. We will take care of your payroll, pension automatic enrolment and/or Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tasks.
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Our professional payroll service is all-inclusive

  • No initial setup fees

  • No charges for starters / leavers

  • No charges for workplace pension management
  • Transparent fees and no hidden costs

  • No charges for additional reports
  • Regular deadline reminders free of charge

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We are members of the CIPP – Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

Automatic Enrolment

We promote good practice in pension administration based on the TPR guidance.


We are meeting HMRC payroll standards and using only HMRC accredited software.

Why outsource payroll?


Payroll is the most critical function of a successful business. Your business is unique, and so is your workforce and your payroll. Staying up to date with ever-changing legislation can be a challenge and can take you away from running your business. Let us take care of your payroll for you.

Some of our clients decided to switch their payroll service provider and come to us because they were dissatisfied with the service they were getting. We like to build relationships with our clients, and you will always have a designated payroll manager as your main point of contact. You will also be able to get hold of us either via email, telephone, or WhatsApp.

Common problems with payroll

  • Your payroll is not accurate.

  • Emails / calls remain unanswered for days at a time.
  • No dedicated account manager and you always deal with a new administrator.
  • Payslips are not issued to employees on time.
  • Queries are left unanswered.

How we are different

  • Your emails and calls will be answered promptly. You can also get hold of us via WhatsApp.
  • You will always deal with a dedicated, named payroll manager, who is CIPP qualified.
  • We will agree on schedules for clear expectations and timescales.
  • We will send out reminders to help you stay on top of things.
  • We will work with you to reduce the number of payroll queries from employees.

Proactive and reliable outsourced payroll

We are proactive in our approach – we will check the information provided and raise any queries before the payroll is processed. We will send frequent reminders relating to payroll data submissions, payroll changes or payments and liabilities due to HMRC and other third parties. We invest in software that will check and verify payroll information and flag any issues to help avoid both non-compliance and fraud.

Choose reliability, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Choose best payroll service provider… more reasons to switch


We understand you do not have the payroll knowledge and you do not have to. We are CIPP qualified in payroll and pension management, with years of experience. We stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations to make sure your payroll is fully compliant.

No Errors

If you work with a payroll provider and must repeatedly point out payroll and pension errors – it is time to switch! In many instances, when your payroll is processed in a busy payroll bureau, by a junior administrator, who is not being supervised – the errors are discovered too late. Your workforce satisfaction is very important. Research conducted in America in 2017 shows that nearly 50% of employees would tolerate just two payroll errors before considering leaving their employer. It demotivates the workforce and they lose trust in their employer. Numerous errors also lead to multiple queries from staff creating an additional burden for managers.


Our clients are not just numbers. We build relationships by getting to know them and their workforce, which helps, amongst other things, anticipate an impact of legislation changes on our clients’ payroll operations.


If you are a new employer, we can help you understand your duties. If you had been an employer for a while, we will help you stay compliant and fulfil your obligations such as national minimum wage, or automatic enrolment duties. We observe and advise you of any changes in legislation so you can focus on your day-to-day business activities.

No late payments

As experienced payroll managers, we will be aware of all public and bank holidays and will remember to schedule payments earlier to avoid late payments. Almost half (44 %) of European employees have been paid late at some point and 88% of those have a negative perception of their employer after that. Late filing can also lead to penalties from HMRC and The Pension Regulator.


Many providers face challenges, due to the manual transfer of data between systems, which is very time consuming and repetitive. We aim to capture data at source to reduce the re-keying and errors. We audit our systems and strive to improve them for even better efficiency and error elimination.

Time and Cost saving

On average, a small business spends 6 hours per month managing the payroll function. The bigger the business, the more time it takes to take care of payroll. Our payroll outsourcing solution is flexible and allows you to scale your payroll as you increase or decrease the number of employees.


Our processes are GDPR compliant, and all reports that are sent to you are password protected or available via a secure, encrypted employer dashboard.

Service Level Agreement

We sign an SLA with all our clients so both parties are aware of their responsibilities and timescales. This ensures deadlines are met and expectations managed well.

What’s included?

  • Initial set up of the payroll as instructed by the client.
  • On-going maintenance of employees’ personal details and details relating to their additions and deductions.
  • Starter/Leaver pro-rata calculations. Set up of new starters, the preparation and issue of P45s to leavers.

  • On-going payroll processing based on the information you provide (salaries, additions, etc.). This includes calculations of Tax, NI, student loans, pension deductions, attachments of earnings and statutory payments (SSP, SMP).

  • Calculation of the apprenticeship Levy and Employment Allowance (where applicable).
  • Preparation and issue of payslips, either via email or 24/7 payslips portal.

  • Reports detailing gross to net payments to employees and departmental splits where applicable.

  • Reports detailing the PAYE liability payable to HMRC.
  • End of Tax Year Annual Return to HMRC and preparation and issue of P60s to employees.
  • Statutory redundancy payment calculations.
  • Calculation of CJRS furlough grants.
  • Online submissions to HMRC, including recovery of statutory payments.
  • Dealing with 3rd parties on your behalf (subject to authorisation): HMRC, pension providers, DWP. This includes regular uploads of the contributions to the pension providers as per agreed payments schedules.

We can also provide bespoke reporting, based on your requirements. Contact Us today for a quote.

How it works

When you choose Be Payroll Limited as your outsourced payroll provider, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager, who will be responsible for your payroll set up and on-going processing. By getting to know you and your business, we will be able to provide you with the best service with a personal touch. We appreciate how important is this one point of contact with direct email and phone access for a piece of mind.

We have chosen a payroll system that we feel work best for our clients and offers the greatest functionality for not only the payroll process but linking to third parties such as pension providers and accountancy packages. We understand that majority of errors happen when manual input is involved, and we have put processes in place to minimise the re-keying of data between systems.

When you choose to transfer your payroll processing to us, we will provide you with the list of things we will need from you, and this can be provided in the way of a payroll backup, CSV file or PDF reports. The data received from you will be loaded onto our system. Everything will be checked before we go live.

You can choose to transfer to us at the beginning of the tax year or at any time during the tax year. If you choose the latter, we will just need some additional information from you relating to employees and company year to date figures.

We will arrange to act as your agents for PAYE (and CIS if applicable). This will mean we will receive the tax code change notices and student loan start and stop notices on your behalf, ensuring we always operate the most up to date code on your employees’ pay. We will also be able to contact HMRC on your behalf to resolve any PAYE and CIS queries.

We can also link our system to your automatic enrolment workplace pension for automatic uploads of employee details and contributions schedules.

  1. We will agree on the timescales for every payroll run. In general, we expect your payroll data to come to us 5 working days before the pay date (for monthly payroll) or 2 days before the pay date for a weekly payroll run. If you have any starters or leavers – we ask for this to be sent to us as soon as possible in case pro-rata calculations are required.
  2. We will agree on the format in which you will send the payroll data to us for processing.
  3. When we receive the payroll data from you, we will raise any queries as soon as possible to avoid delays when the payroll is processed.
  4. We will process your payroll and produce reports for checking.
  5. Our internal checking procedures will ensure the data is processed accurately. We will check for anomalies against previous payroll runs and ensure you are aware of any changes such as employees being automatically enrolled into a pension or reaching an age that will make them eligible for a higher rate of pay in line with the national minimum wage.
  6. At this point, we will ask you to check the reports before we issue employees’ payslips and file the payroll figures with HMRC. This is because you know your workforce best and may be able to pick up any discrepancies at your end.
  7. We will provide you with the final reports. This would include as standard: Payslips, Payment Summaries showing a breakdown of gross to net payments, Pension Report and HMRC liability report. Other reports may include Departmental Analysis Report, Attachments of Earnings Report or BACS payment file.
  8. We will file the figures with HMRC. This will also include reclaiming any statutory payments processed. We will also email the payslips directly to your employees one day before their pay date.
  9. We will issue P45s for employees who had left and can also forward them to the employees on your behalf.
  10. Finally, we will take care of the pension upload to your workplace pension provider and issue any required pension correspondence.
  11. At the end of the tax year, we will submit the annual return to HMRC and prepare and issue the P60 statements to all employees who had been employed on the 5th of April.

Employer / Employee online portal

Our payroll system is linked to an Employer / Employee online portal that offers additional functionality to our clients who choose this option.

Here are some of the components of this online portal:

Employer Dashboard – all your payroll information in one place: instant access to payroll reports, all employee contact details and company annual leave calendar.

Users – multiple users allowed with different access levels and privileges. You can also invite your accountant to connect.

Employee 24/7 self-service – instant access to payslips, P60s and P45s. An employee can also update their personal details via this portal, to ensure their payroll record is up to date. Employers can decide whether they would like their employees to use this self-service facility.

Access via an app on your smartphone or tablet – the app is available for free download for any iOS or Android device.

Annual leave management – instant access to calendar and records of all past and future leave, including sick leave, annual leave, and statutory leave.

HR documents – share documents with your employees, for example, company handbook, contracts or even short-term plans or memos. You can choose to share those with the whole team, a specific group, or individual employees.

HMRC payments dashboard – view all your past liabilities and the amounts currently due to HMRC for tax and NIC, ensuring you will never miss a payment.