Payroll Partner for Accountants


We understand payroll is a must-have business offering but for many accountancy practices, it just causes an added burden for no added profit. We will help you concentrate on what matters to you most – your advisory, audit, compliance and accounting work. We will take care of your clients’ payrolls, pension automatic enrolment and/or Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tasks.

Our professional payroll service is all-inclusive

  • No initial setup fees

  • No charges for starters / leavers

  • No charges for workplace pension management
  • Transparent fees and no hidden costs

  • No charges for additional reports
  • Regular deadline reminders free of charge

New challenges


Over the last few years, payroll has become a very complicated and specialised function, and every business must be fully acquainted with the ever-changing rules for timely and accurate payment of wages – or outsource it to professionals. Research conducted in America in 2017 shows that nearly 50% of employees would consider leaving their employer after just two payroll errors. Staff retention and fines for late or the lack of submission or non-compliance are only some of the reasons for developing a better, responsive, and efficient payroll function for an organisation.

RTI, automatic enrolment and furlough

Over the years there have been many events affecting payroll processes in a significant way such as the introduction of Real-Time Information in 2013/2014, workplace pension Automatic Enrolment, 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent introduction of furlough or the April 2020 revision of reference period for calculating annual leave. If your payroll teams are not prepared for such challenges, they will not be able to stay on top of the game.

Currently, there are over 170 pieces of legislation affecting payroll. When payroll becomes more time consuming and stressful and when it takes you away from your core business activities, perhaps it is the time to outsource it. You may think it will cost you money, but it will save you the time you will be free to spend on money-making activities! Our scalable solution means the money-saving is also considerate.

Outsourcing payroll for accountants options

There are many ways in which you can outsource your payroll function to a payroll bureau, depending on the amount of control you would like to retain. Be Payroll Limited can work as your designated back-office payroll processing bureau – you will communicate with your clients and we will communicate with you. Alternatively, you can choose to contract with us on a white label or a partner service basis, where we communicate with your clients directly. You will still have access to all the reports and – with the white label service – to all the email communication – but you will not have to employ a designated payroll person in your office.

We will take care of it all. You will benefit from outsourcing to Be Payroll Limited, whatever option you choose.

Payroll through your accountancy practice

In this option, someone at your practice will be our point of contact and will act as a go-between the client and the payroll outsourcing bureau (us).

Some clients prefer this option as it gives them total control and full visibility of the process.

However, it means greater resources are required at your end, even though the saving is substantial on the software licences, subscriptions and staff training and you and your clients will still have access to the advisory service we offer to direct clients and white-label partners.

Fully managed white label service

If you choose the white-label or partner option, we will assign a dedicated payroll manager and dedicated email address to your clients only and will simulate the way you operate, for example, in the white-label option using an email signature you have decided on, your logo and even email templates. The emails can be signed with the name of the designated payroll manager or just “Payroll Team” which is a great option for continuity in case of absences or staff changes.

Under partner option, the clients know you have outsourced payroll to us so there is greater transparency, especially in the terms of GDPR.


Outsourcing your payroll to a professional payroll bureau has many advantages.

If your payroll(s) is/are currently processed in-house, outsourcing will mean saving on:
• Staff training.
• Subscriptions to stay up to date with ever-changing legislation.
• Software licences and updates.
• Time spent dealing with numerous payroll queries taking you away from your core business activity.

You gain year-round support from a CIPP qualified payroll manager and a payroll expert a phone call or email away.


Collecting of information and set up

When you have chosen to work with Be Payroll Limited, we will plan a detailed onboarding process and agree on the timescales for a smooth and fully managed migration.

The duration of this step will depend on the number and complexity of the payrolls you want to outsource to us, as well as the software they are currently processed on.

Third-party authorisations

We will ask you to authorise us as a delegate for the pension schemes you manage so we can action the changes to the pension scheme memberships across your client base and take care of all the automatic enrolment duties.

We will also be authorised as a partner on your government gateway so we can action the changes to employees’ tax codes and student loans as soon as they are received from HMRC.

From then on, we will take care of the day-to-day payroll processing tasks for complete peace of mind.

What’s included?

  • Initial set up of the payroll.
  • On-going maintenance of employees’ details and details relating to their additions and deductions.
  • Starter/Leaver pro-rata calculations. Set up of new starters, the preparation and issue of P45s to leavers.
  • On-going payroll processing based on the information provided. This includes calculations of Tax, NI, student loans, pension deductions, attachments of earnings and statutory payments (SSP, SMP).
  • Calculation of the apprenticeship Levy and Employment Allowance (where applicable).
  • Preparation and issue of payslips.
  • Reports detailing gross to net payments to employees and departmental splits where applicable.
  • Reports detailing the PAYE liability payable to HMRC.
  • End of Tax Year Annual Return to HMRC and preparation and issue of P60s to employees.
  • Statutory redundancy payment calculations.
  • Calculation of CJRS furlough grants.
  • Online submissions to HMRC, including recovery of statutory payments.
  • Dealing with third parties (subject to authorisation): HMRC, pension providers, DWP. This includes regular uploads of the contributions to the pension providers as per agreed payments schedules.

For more information and to discuss the options available to you please get in touch.